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Pillar Clocks

We have an elegant standard range of Pillar clock designs as outlined below or can manufacture bespoke solutions to suit any requirement.

Our George is normally used as a four dialled feature and our Albert with two. Each base / column is made fabricated as a single piece cast metal unit for strength and durability. The clock housings are made in colour impregnated GRP.

We offer a range of standard clock styles and colour options, however individual designs can be easily accommodated. Internal illumination, signage, motifs or other design features can be used to enhance the clock.

Each pillar is supplied with one of our clock operating systems to carry out automated time changes as well as keeping the clocks acurate after a power failure.

One of our Electronic Bell Chiming Systems can often be seen as the finishing touch. The system can play a selection of chimes every quarter hour using digitised bell recordings. Additional “tunes” can be imported. Night silencing is also a standard feature, as is volume control.


Click here for our George Pillar Clocks Brochure

Click here for our Albert Pillar Clocks Brochure



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