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Clock Control Units

Resynchroniser controller v4 LED

Our Resynchroniser is usually housed within the clock mechanism box. Linking clocks together is done by daisy chaining from one to another, ensuring the clock with the controller is first in the chain. If required a stand alone Resynchroniser unit can be supplied.

£240 including VAT
Free delivery to mainland UK

Clock controller for external clocks


The Resynchroniser's function is ensure correct time restart after power failures. After power is restored, the ’STATUS’ LED will flash and the unit will complete an internal sequence and restart the clock(s) exactly 12 hours after the initial power failure.

The unit is pre-programmed with the BST/GMT time changes for 20 years from date of purchase. At 2.00am on the appropriate date, the unit will hold off power to the clock for either one or eleven hours.


Total Control System v3

Our Total Control System v3 has been designed to automatically keep the clock(s) operating and showing the correct time even during power failures. The unit can be operated by either our 12v mains transformer or our battery backed power supply unit.

ONLY £500 + VAT
£600 including VAT
Free delivery to mainland UK

Exterior clock mechanism with built in clock controller
Battery back-up for an exterior clock feature
Total Control System v3
Battery Backed Power Supply

The atomic time signal is detected by the MSF Receiver, this is decoded and passed to a microprocessor incorporated in each unit, checking and carrying out daily adjustments when required and automatically adjusting the clocks for BST / GMT changes.

The optional battery backed power supply unit ’BBPSU’ ensures the clock(s) can continue to operate for several days without mains power.


Battery Backed Power Supply ONLY £90 + VAT
GPS Receiver upgrade £90 + VAT


Other clock control products available include

  • Solar charged battery backed systems for exterior applications where mains power is not available
  • Battery only systems for interior use up to 2000mm diameter and suitable exterior applications behind protective covers
  • Automation and timing of lighting, motors and moving components
  • Nature related features such as wind speed indication, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, longitude and latitude
  • Human interactive elements such as manual winding, coin operated, pressure and optical sensing



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